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The concept of “laying down your life for a friend” isn’t always about a literal passing. Sometimes it’s about the extraordinary sacrifice of time and resources on behalf of someone you hold dear. It’s what caregivers often do every day.


Friendship Adult Day Services’ roots are in the extraordinary compassion and sacrifice of an Alamance County resident, Patty Scotten. In 1980, Patty was a professional caregiver who saw a community/family need, saved six months of her personal income, wrote grants and started Friendship Adult Day Services, Alamance County’s first community based adult day program.


For many, Patty’s work provided a much needed solution and a friendly haven. Having a daytime community resource ended a cycle of hospitalizations; promoted preventative health care practices, relieved participant isolation, and supported a family’s ability to stay together in their home.


At Friendship Adult Day Services, Inc., supportive professionals and community volunteerism/participation have continued to this day to provide healthy aging for day participants by offering family caregiver supports. We continue our mission of, “Building Friendships and Keeping Families Together”.



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